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Milestones and Advancements in Medicine
Milestones and Advancements in Medicine
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Milestones and Advancements in Medicine
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Milestones and Advancements in Medicine (Medical Knowledge) in which
Dr. Wendt was the lead investigator and author:
1. Dr. Wendt was the first to prove human skin could be transplanted from one person to another and survive indefinitely with the same medicines (immunosuppressants) used for kidney transplantation.  An important advancement proving other structures such as a hand or face could possibly be successfully transplanted (an 18 year clinical experimental study.)
2. Dr. Wendt was the first to develop, perform and publish surgical excisional treatment, a cosmetic operation, to improve the appearance of the top of the aged hand, wrist and forearm.
3. Dr. Wendt authored an article describing a new method for reconstruction of a thumb after loss of the thumb from trauma.  He used a bone-joint-tendon graft from a cadaver donor with coverage with the patient's own tissue; an operative reconstructive procedure developed in which immunosuppression would not be necessary.
4. Dr. Wendt developed, described and authored a new and better excellent skin graft donor site for a very common hand problem, i.e., loss of skin caused by trauma to fingers, and the palm of the hand.
5. Dr. Wendt developed a new surgical treatment for complex postoperative lumbosacral wounds in non-paralyzed patients and was the first author of a published article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to describe this procedure and the outcome.

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